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**Pink/blue marbled vinyl, limited to 200**

Born in the digital era, The Black Wizards are four analog musicians that spread fuzzadelic grooves into the air. Drinking from the same fountains as many of the contemporary bands around, The Black Wizards please us with a set of songs that give a new twist on previously heard sounds and stamp their own personality.

The Black Wizards exploded on the scene in late 2015 with well acclaimed first album "Lake of Fire". In a short space time, they evolved from a well-intended but quite appealing EP (Fuzzadelic) to one hell of a long play. Followed with european tours and also quite relevant appearances at festivals, The Black Wizards have grown, not exactly old but experience wise and hence comes "What the Fuzz!", their second record.

"What the Fuzz!" revolves around the moment when these wizards agree it is time to let the avalanche of heaviness crumble down on you. The Black Wizards upped their ante with sonic experimentation without ever losing sight of the core roots of having their feet on the ground. They've immediately jumped on the road to conquer Europe again.

Their live performances are known for being an intense explosion of emotions with lots of soul and fuzz. Many things learned and achieved and the time comes for the 3rd full lenght of the band. "Reflections" is a sunny day and fresh breeze of groovy beats and psychedelia swaying between sweet moments and massive fuzz deliriums. This record is here to prove more than ever that The Black Wizards are one of the most prolific and promising bands around. Who is gonna stop these wizards?

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