Purge (Used)

Armour GroupSKU: ITLP005/TRT002



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM  YEAR: 2016  ORIGIN: Aus  EXTRAS: 1st pressing

'Purge' is a release between It Records and new label Trait Records.

Brutal minimalism in a wall of corrosive electronica, Armour Group evoke the end of times and raise existential panic, all the while enveloping the listener in a strangely comforting blanket of static and feedback.

Armour Group are experimental, atmospheric and conceptual, their music rooted in the traditions of the power electronics/death industrial genre. Through their use of extreme minimal electronics accented by samples drawn from cult cinema, broadly referencing serial killings, murder, disaster, misanthropy, immoral acts, relationships, love and betrayal, they aim beyond brutality to incite feelings of euphoria and affirmation, as well as evoking the impending demise of our current culture and natural surroundings.

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