Punk Funk



Last May, Georgian badman DJ and Producer Mishulino and jazz piano protegé Beka Gochiashvili released the acclaimed TURBULANCE project alongsie Kid Sublime. Their creative instincts endured and now, together with drummer Blaquedynamite, they form the Basement Membrane to introduce us to the funky, woozy, jazzy vibes of Punk Funk. Having dropped last friday, the record brings some guests like Lars Karakusevic who play an important role in the sonic definition of the project.

Punk Funk is an album that should be listened to with the volume up, feeling the sonic energy it brings. Easliy flowing from nu-jazz textures, funky chords and broken-beat live drumming, the Basement Membrane members are not shy in demonstrating their musical prowess. One that connects over innovative ideas and perspectives on jazz music. The tempo goes up, they bring it down and back up again. Unlimited levels of funk and exhilarating grooves always on the next corner.

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