Primitive Motion - Pulsating Time Fibre


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The album feels like it exists in isolation, unbound by time or place or circumstance. It is music made by furtive creatures, secreted away in their basements and garages. Practising and refining in solitude, until what results is quite separate to the outside world. This is a secret garden of sound. All you need to do is find the key. Primitive Motion make gentle music, never hasty or immediate, drenched in sound. Leighton Craig (vocals, keyboards, synthesisers etc) has played in many a gallery and loft space, while Selig (vocals, flute, saxophone etc) is a full-time artist, her work exploring the confines of time and space. To appreciate Pulsating Time Fibre, the duo’s second album in a year, you really need to submerge yourself in it. Think of it as an immersion tank of sound, a house with rooms built out of the spaces between lyrics and the beat. Reverb-drenched vocals echo against reverb-drenched, cascading, circular keyboard motifs and reverb-drenched brass. Drum machines often hold the melody and the key. Everything is sumptuous but intricate.

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