Psychlic (2LP)



**Limited edition splatter vinyl + Red Acousma Bonus LP**

Paul Kidney Experience has gone and done something very special. Amidst the craziness lockdowns and cancelled live shows, they have gone into the studio to produce an LP soaked in acid.

The band, who famously performed and recorded with original Krautrocker Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru) sound like they are now channelling Amon Duul on their new ‘Psychlic’ LP.

This full lengthier comes on the tailcoats of last year’s split LP with Japan’s behemoth of psych, Acid Mothers Temple.

In true PKE style each track was recorded live-in-the-studio: each an unrehearsed one-take with no plan, no musical discussion, just pure psychedelic expression through sound.

The result is a remarkably cohesive album. This LP fits in perfectly with late 60s/early Acid Folk whilst also expressing a deeper undercurrent of rhythms and textures, a trademark of Paul Kidney Experience.

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