Less Talk, More Rock

Propagandhi ‎SKU: FAT666-1



Coming back for round two, Propaghandi continue to fight the good fight against "the man" and stir up a little trouble with Less Talk, More Rock. The music is as aggressive and fast as ever, but rather than completely focusing on their sound, the message is a hundred times more significant. And on this soap box, we can find songs that deal with homophobia ("Less Talk, More Rock"), animal liberation ("Nailing Descartes to the Wall/Liquid Meat Is Still Murder"), racism ("The Only Good Fascist Is a Dead Fascist") and every other "ism" out there that inflicts tragedy and oppression towards those who are just trying to make an honest living. A portion of the proceeds will go to Food Not Bombs, People Acting for Animal Liberation, AK Press and the Winnipeg Naturopthic Clinic. So not only will you learn something from this record, but the purchase alone of Less Talk, More Rock will help out some worthy causes.

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