Pay It Forward

Kota MotomuraSKU: HM017LP



Kota Motomura, the talented artist behind the New Experience EP, has now released his debut LP, Pay It Forward, on Hobbes Music after a three-year wait. His eclectic taste in music, spanning from ambient to disco to techno and more, has resulted in a highly original and "Balearic" confection.

The Balearic style is typically known for its minimalism and simple designs, but Kota Motomura defies convention. While incorporating familiar elements like slow house and disco rhythms, African influences, and 80s jazz-pop melodies, Motomura brings a sense of chaos to the mix. The result? A wonky, buzzing, and completely unique sound that somehow blends together perfectly. Clashy drums, lo-fi samples, and borderline-crazed funk - it may sound unconventional, but trust us, it works.

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