Paint It Clear

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One of the most familiar faces in the busy Melbourne music scene; Jake Robertson
(who you may remember from such class acts as Ausmuteants, Hierophants, School
Damage, et al) returns in full-fledged form with another unruly record from his solo
alter ego ALIEN NOSEJOB. Thirteen months on since the hardcore-punk inspired concept album, ‘Once Again The Present Becomes The Past’, Alien Nosejob turns the ship back to front and sails in a new direction, yet again.

Paint It Clear mixes sounds of classic 80’s new wave and post punk whilst sprinkling
in the occasional disco track on top. But don’t let these descriptions throw you off - it still carries Robertson’s classic screech of cheeky yet witty lyrics and sharp song writing hooks.

After three home-recorded records prior to this, Mikey Young has finally been phoned in to take over the production controls and breathes a whole new way of life into Alien Nosejob. Never before has ANJ been heard in such fidelity. The clarity! The definition! The dynamics! It all shines brighter than ever before resulting in a record that Robertson’s “parents could actually listen to”.

There’s a little something for everyone; whether it be 80’s Cure-inspired synths in Duplicating Satan, the robust Devo- like feel of Leather Gunn, the sing-along chorus
of Crusader of Coles, or the melodic, minor closer that is Bite My Tongue. There’s even The Butcher; a piano ballad inspired by the Fun Boy Three, showcasing Jake’s skills as not just a songwriter, but a damn fine singer.

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