P.P. Is... Peeping Piebald Past The Night! (Cassette Tape)



Hiding away in the suburbs of Footscray and Geelong, creative prodigy Paris Rebel Richens has been quietly kicking huge goals in many musical formats in the Victorian music scene. Since starting out musically in 2011, she has released two albums with new wave rockers Hierophants, and just recently released the debut, long-awaited full-length with her primary project, Parsnip!

Over the summer of 2018/2019, Paris buried herself in her bedroom to record this variety of extraordinary songs and sounds out of pure joy - and now it’s finished for all to hear! Written, performed and recorded entirely by Paris (besides the odd vocal and tambourine dub), “P.P Is... Peeping Piebald Past The Night!” is a great glimpse into the world of P.P. - honest and well-constructed songs touching on themes like animals, plants, seasons, words and rhymes.


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