Black Dog



Black Dog is a record mostly about people. It's about changing and whether we do or don't recognise the way we've changed. There's also a lot about accepting things we can't change. A fair bit about death and loss, and some of the things we go looking for and never find.

It was written on two different sides of a river. On one side the grass wasn't necessarily greener, it was just different, longer, somewhere cool to lay ones head for a while. In folklore the black dog appears as a ominous figure, but it's also a symbol of great loyalty and steadfastness. Someone once told me that Great Danes were bred to stand by chamber doors and keep their owners company. Well, the dog has been at my door and I have written this album for them.

Black Dog was recorded over five days in May of 2017, with engineer Alex Bennett at Sound Recordings in Campbells Creek, VIC. It was recorded analogue to tape - mixed to tape - and mastered to tape.



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