Open Field (7")




COLOUR: Black   EXTRAS: Numbered, limited edition

Written and intended as a three part odyssey, these seven minutes and fifty one seconds traverse through the sounds of Eggy, a band who keep conviction as their touchstone. Taking notes from the Düsseldorf and Berlin schools of the 70’s, these drifting melodies and mechanistic rhythms hold court alongside the climactic intensity of a group forged by the 00’s New York underground.

Diving further in to the track, the band elaborates on their influence for this new sonic approach:

“Open Field was inspired by the philosophical idea of Robin James - that sound is a dimension of reality and that the way we organise society also manifests in the way we organise sound. This is our interpretation of that, by creation of a sonic world that upholds an anticapitalist respect for aimless exploration, spontaneous desire, and free play.”

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