One Size Fits All



Released soon after the live Roxy & ElsewhereOne Size Fits All contained more of the material premiered during the 1973-1974 tour, but this time largely re-recorded in the studio.

The band remains the same: George DukeNapoleon Murphy BrockChester ThompsonTom Fowler, and Ruth UnderwoodJohnny "Guitar" Watson overdubbed some vocals and Captain Beefheart (credited as Bloodshot Rollin' Red) played some harmonica ("when present," state the liner notes).

This one is more song-oriented, alternating goofy rock songs with more challenging numbers in an attempt to find a juste milieu between Over-Nite Sensation and Roxy & Elsewhere. "Inca Roads," "Florentine Pogen," "Andy," and "Sofa" all became classic tracks and live favorites. These are as close to progressive rock (a demented, clownish kind) Zappa ever got. An essential third-period Zappa album.

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