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COLOUR: Orange Translucent   EXTRAS: 45rpm
OFF!'s debut LP, which comes in just shy of First Four EPs' runtime, again finds Keith Morris venting spleen at anything and everything.

In OFF!-- the 56-year-old Black Flag/Circle Jerks founder's latest soapbox-- he's finally found the three guys every bit as pissed off as he is. And the world's taken notice. It's been at least a year since Anthony "Scatman" Kiedis has left the house without conspicuously donning his cred-grabbing OFF! cap, and even nerds like us couldn't deny the blunt-force fury of OFF!'s masterful First Four EPs.

OFF! runs a little dirtier than the EPs, every instrument-- particularly Coats' skin-grafting guitar-- closer in the mix and scuffed-up just so. Coats manages to slip a doomy intro or a little half-measure solo into a few of these songs, which alone represents OFF!'s biggest progression from the EPs.

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