Normalised: The Detonic Collection

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Melbourne-based Detonic Recordings shine a light on the shadowy international goth underground this week with this nicely put together compilation LP full of slinky DIY synthpop, EDM and electronic post-punk, with contributors from Australia, the USA, Japan, Britain and France. The Infecticide press photo on the inside is incredible, too, they're wearing snazzy homemade spacesuits and one of their heads is missing and there's smoke billowing out of the neck of his spacesuit and there's a dog standing on the floor next to them. Their song is pretty cool too, a stomping bit of post-Devo electropop with robotic French language vocals and stiff, precise beats. Other interesting contributions come by way of some scratchy lo-fi drone-pop from We Are Enfant Terrible, and an appearance from ironic Californian goofballs Diesel Dudes, who sound kind of like if Suicide and Andrew WK got together to write songs about working out (if that sounds good to you then you should check out their buttock-clenching 7" on the same label, we still have copies in stock at the time of writing and it's very entertaining). Japanese weirdo Trippple Nippples has a mind-bending offering which reminds me of the Mighty Boosh's chanting but more high pitched and with fast-paced minimal percussion. It's a really fun compilation, this label have got a good ear for idiosyncratic bedroom synthgoth business and it's a more consistently energetic and entertaining collection than I had expected.

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