Tobi LouSKU: ERE807



COLOUR: Milky Clear    EXTRAS: Limited to 3000

Tobi Adeyemi, also known as Tobi Lou, is a Nigerian-born and Chicago-raised artist. He released “Non-Perishable” as the first of three albums that will come out under the Perish Blue trilogy. The album runs 32 minutes long with 11 new songs for listeners to enjoy.

Tobi Lou starts the album off with “Hopeless Romantic,” which feels like commentary on how being a hopeless romantic can make you feel overlooked by the person you are pursuing. 

With hard bass throughout the song and the spiraling of his lyrics, you can see the cracks of his insecurity and where the weight of hopefulness can also lead to a disconnect: “I broke up with her, but to this day I stalk her Twitter / She kinda funny, I know you think I’m goin’ dummy” and “Said she dont miss me but I think she cappin’.”

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