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**First pressing 12" vinyl in deluxe gold foil printed cover.**

You won’t hear many modern groups that match NEW WAR’s Kitchen Sink rage, Vorticist sneer & Delphian vision. Imagine an American gasping for life with three Australians pushing their instruments within an inch of theirs. All stood on the edge of a crag, finishing each other’s jokes as they start to slip. 

Picture a fever blur of Rhythm & Detonation (R & D), open- 
bordered punk, fevered and lurching dub, pop as sharp as 
Northern 80/90s & as loose as Hansa-era Iggy. They’ve been 
described by The Music as like ‘the Birthday Party in the 25th 
century’ & by Tiny Mix Tapes as ‘Lynchian mysticism... 
burning in This Heat’s tape machine’ but as Crawlspace wrote 
‘comparisons only tell a partial story... NEW WAR have a 
talent for cohesive transformation, for repurposing the past for 
the now... They know what they want to do.’ So you won’t 
hear some sort of wet genre pastiche, the blood in this group 
is their own & it pumps ferociously.

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