New Hands

PlasticSKU: SSR014



Like their name suggests, Plastic specialise in creating shapeshifting guitar-noise-pop that feels both clinically designed and effortlessly warped. Blending art-world sophistication with music nerd sensibilities and an indie-rock smirk, their debut album New Hands twists and convulses in the best way possible.

Sitting somewhere between Deerhoof and Deerhunter, New Hands shines in its refusal to sit still. The record constantly veers away from any clear reference points, spiraling haphazardly into Plastic’s own idiosyncratic universe. As we journey with them through swirls of zigzagging melody, hiccuping grooves and erratic mood swings, New Hands becomes all the more intoxicating - revealing Plastic as fiercely compelling and thrillingly adventurous.

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