New Experience EP

Kota MotomuraSKU: HM012



Experience the tropical paradise of Tokyo artist Kota Motomura on the 2019 debut EP from Hobbes Music. A master of house, techno, and electronic sub-styles, Motomura takes listeners on a journey through lush and entrancing dance music. His unique experiments have been gaining a devoted following, and this EP is a perfect showcase of his talent. Dance to the paradise sounds of "Aboy" and "Yes", featuring saxophone and vocals from Mutsumi Takeuchi and Sawako Yanagida. Get lost in the hypnotic beats and pulsing piano of "Status" and the warped melodies of "Cry Baby". And for even more sonic exploration, the bonus tracks "Satellites" and "Return" offer a unique blend of lunar transmissions and otherworldly vibes. Don't miss out on this innovative and captivating EP.


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