Negative Feedback Resistor



The psychedelic assault squadron may begin Destruction Unit's 2015's Negative Feedback Resistor with two minutes of distant ambient sounds hovering over the horizon, but once "Disinfect" finally kicks in, this music sounds like the equivalent of being tossed headfirst into a deep pit filled with several dozen Marshall amps, all cranked to ten and bleeding feedback. Destruction Unit intend to use rock & roll as a weapon, and the blunt impact of Negative Feedback Resistor is towering - even at a low volume, this album sounds crushingly loud and massive, with the guitars of Ryan Rousseau, J.S. Aurelius, and Nick Nappa joining together as one outsized obelisk of pure sound, as Rustin Rousseau lets slip thundering basslines beneath it all and drummer Andrew Flores heroically pounds his kit as he tries to keep up with it all. This sounds enormous and gloomy, but the music is powered by a sweaty and furious passion, and while the album's angry liner notes read like a parody of/tribute to the White Panther Party statements on the MC5's Kick Out the Jams, the music absolutely sounds like the real deal.

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