Naughty Boys



SLEEVE: NM-   MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 1983   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Obi with insert

Naughty Boys is the sixth album by Yellow Magic Orchestra, recorded from October 1982 to March 1983, and released on May 24, 1983.

Naughty Boys saw YMO transform themselves into a mock-idol group, riffing on the idea of an act as old as them attempting to stay "hip" with newer trends in Japanese music. Consequently, the album presented a tongue-in-cheek take on the en vogue City Pop genre, alternating between sincerity and irony and consolidating the musique concrete elements of BGM and Technodelic with the new breed of J-pop that they had previously influenced. Fitting their focus on their home market, the band's lyrics on the album are almost exclusively in Japanese, with only two songs written entirely in English.

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