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Moonglow is the first album of Tatsuro Yamashita's golden age and the last album before the definitive city-pop transition. Here Tokyo's urban landscapes become nocturnal, melancholy, but at the same time full of life, sparkling and full of hope, under the night sky or the pouring rain.

After a mysterious and subdued, but extremely fascinating overture ("Nightwing", which is dozens of spans over the previous "Overture" from "Go Ahead"), "Full Moon" envelops you in its irresistible tune (a truly amazing masterwork), which are followed by the equally stupendous "Rainy Walk", "Storm" and "Funky Flushin'". Unfortunately, "Hot Shot", with its final bang, opens the worst part of this record, a second half with sugary ballads, quite soporific, and some average funky tracks, except for "Let's Kiss the Sun".

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