Mystery 秘神

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COLOUR: Black   EXTRAS: With obi

"Mystery 秘神" is a Taiwanese folklore and media inspired record that mixes nostalgia, tradition, and humor with an underlying earthiness. Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi, also of ​Prairie WWWW​ and Dope Purple, returned to Taipei in 2017 after their studies and bonded over their mutual love for Taiwanese occult art and vintage superstitious imagery. Their band name, Mong Tong, translates to "the east-side of dreams" and reflects their upbringing in 90's Taiwan, where they listened to various genres of music including relaxing Chinese synth pop, video game soundtracks, psychedelic songs, doom metal, and sound collage/library music. Combining these influences with dark Taiwanese folklore and conspiracy theories, "Mystery 秘神" offers a unique psychedelic experience.

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