Manfredo Fest Trio

Manfredo Fest TrioSKU: GXF-3150



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 1980   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Obi with insert

The "Manfredo Fest Trio" is a self-titled album by the Brazilian jazz pianist and composer Manfredo Fest, often known for his contributions to the bossa nova and jazz genres. This album, simply titled "Manfredo Fest Trio," was released in 1970 and is one of his notable works.

Manfredo Fest's music often combined elements of Brazilian rhythms, jazz, and classical influences. The trio format typically featured Manfredo Fest on piano, with bass and drums providing the rhythm section. The specific tracks and style of music on this album would reflect his signature blend of these influences.

If you're a fan of jazz with Brazilian flavors, this album could be a great addition to your music collection. You might enjoy the intricate and melodic compositions showcased in Manfredo Fest's work.

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