Mananita Pampera

Hugo HerediaSKU: JAZZR 002



A lost masterpiece, Hugo Heredia's Mananita Pampera from record from the 1976 deserves its epithet. Found in Jazz shops in London, DJ Paul Murphy played it in the embryonic Jazz Room at The Horseshoe in Tottenham Court Road.

Appreciative listeners wanted raw rhythms and furious jazzy soloing, and this record sated them. The reedman’s band features Horace Parlan’s guest appearance. Drummer Peter Schmidlin produced a spiritual, modal Afro-Cuban/Jazz mixdown. Timeless and modern, the striking artwork re-releases the record.

"Killer Argentinian saxophonist Hugo Heredia (on) a bonafide Electric Ballroom classic that’s been really hard to find for years... and it’s got Horace Parlan on piano!"

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