Make Way For Love



SLEEVE: NM-   MEDIA: VG+   YEAR: 2018   ORIGIN: Aus   EXTRAS: White vinyl

The sophomore solo effort from the soulful New Zealand-based singer/songwriter, Marlon Williams, Make Way for Love dials back on the genre-hopping tendencies of Williams' 2015 debut in favor of a more streamlined -- though no less emotionally charged -- set of heavy-hearted retro-pop ruminations.

Written in the wake of a breakup with fellow Kiwi crooner Aldous Harding, the 11-track set is awash in post-midnight reverb and spilling over with the myopic despondency of heartbreak. In jettisoning the frequent forays into bluegrass and country that dominated his debut, Williams has honed in on his greatest strength, which is his commanding voice -- it invokes names like Richard Hawley, Porter Wagoner, Chris Isaak, Lee Hazlewood, and Roy Orbison.

Had he released Make Way for Love prior to the filming of David Lynch's 2017 return to Twin Peaks, he most surely would have been booked at the Roadhouse.

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