Lyricist Lounge 2 (2LP)

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The second release in the Lyricist Lounge series takes a distinct new direction compared to its predecessor. While the first segment focused on showcasing emerging, lesser-known talent, artists like Prime, Mike Zoot, and Sarah Jones have been replaced by well-known names such as Erick Sermon and (surprisingly) JT Money. However, this transition is executed seamlessly and should not come as a total shock, considering that the Lyricist Lounge has expanded from its humble beginnings as an open-mic night to a popular MTV comedy show.

Unlike most compilations, LL 2 actually fulfills its promise by appealing to both underground hip-hop purists and mainstream fans. The journey to achieve this feat brings about some intriguing collaborations; two Detroit natives, Royce 5'9" and Jay Dee, join forces on the autobiographical "Let's Grow," while Talib Kweli and Dead Prez deliver a fresh take on pro-black ideology over Hi-Tek's spaghetti western guitar riffs on "Sharp

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