Jackie Cain & Roy KralSKU: 23MJ 3062




SLEEVE: NM-   MEDIA: VG+   YEAR: 1981   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Some crackles/pops

With Lovesick, Jackie & Roy produced an album that had every bit as much optimism and flower-powered innocence as did any album coming out of San Francisco in the summer of love. But this is decidedly not folk-rock or rock music -- it's vocal jazz of the highest degree. It is high-spirited, sexy, life-affirming, sometimes silly, but always wonderful. Jackie Cain proves what a fine singer she is, and Roy Kral shows what a fine pianist he is. Their vocal harmonies are every bit as irresistible as those of Simon & Garfunkel, with the added ingredients of swing and scat thrown in. The duo and their rhythm section truly sound like they are having "A Big Beautiful Ball."

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