Lost Reflections / Orientation

Mr. KäferSKU: MPM 285



SLEEVE: NM-   MEDIA: VG+   YEAR: 2020   ORIGIN: Germany   EXTRAS: Limited to 300 copies. Still in shrink.

Austrian producer Mr. Käfer reflects on his North-African roots with new EP “Orientation”.

One year ago we released “Lost Reflections”, a nine track mini-album by Mr. Käfer and Californian saxophonist Gavin Lord on tape and digital. Since then Mr. Käfer finished his music studies in Salzburg (Austria) and moved to Cologne (Germany) where he did an internship at Melting Pot Music. He has released two solo albums / EPs on Tape Invader and Chillhop Music and a collabo project with Flitz&Suppe and DDob.

With his new EP “Orientation” Mr. Käfer is stepping into new directions. Throughout five songs Mr. Käfer reflects on his North-African roots (he is half Austrian, half Algerian) and adds new sounds, vibes and tempi to his music. To orchestrate his vision Mr. Käfer has assembled a full band consisting of Makkako (guitar), Ruff I (double bass) and Christian Höll (Saxophone). Christian Höll has also co-written and co-produced the EP together with Mr. Käfer.

This record combines both Orientation and Lost Reflections,his  two EP's on one LP.
Limited to 300 copies.

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