Live '95

Mega RanSKU: NJR-079



COLOUR: Green + Milky Clear Galaxy [Tractor Beam]   EXTRAS: Limited Edition

Mega Ran's 11th solo full length album release explores the intrinsic relationship between hip-hop, basketball and the inner city cultures that have allowed each to thrive.

"90's hoops were just as influential as any video game or comic book I picked up," Ran says. "Now I get to give back."

Through tracks interspersed with words of wisdom from several Hall-Of-Fame level former NBA talents and analysts, the Philadelphia born MC weaves playful innocence with the storytelling and hopefulness that have made his fans proud over the past ten years. The album shines a light on many of the traits required to be a champion... from coaching to hard work, and even a little luck.

Now is the time to suit up and bring it home.

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