Lazy Bones!!

WitchSKU: NA6105

Colour: Orange


On collectors' ‘70s African rock radar, Zambia doesn't even register as a blip. There are sound reasons for that: lack of artists of international stature to draw attention to the country's local scene; very poor recording conditions (much poorer than the facilities available at the time in Lagos, Nigeria, for instance); a very small local market that called for small press runs that had no opportunity of spreading around.

Still, a few LPs have been reissued, among them Lazy Bones!! by five-piece Witch (which actually stands for We Intend To Cause Havoc).

Originally released in 1975, this album seems to draw its inspiration from the British Invasion of a decade earlier. The African factor plays a surprisingly small part here -- this is no Afro-funk -- and is limited to some of the beats (they groove in a flexible, natural way that few European bands have achieved) and to lead guitarist Chris Mbewe's sharp fuzz tone. In fact, Mbewe is the only serious reason to seek out this album; his lines are occasionally wild and original, in an acid rock kind of way.


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