Was Dead (Used)

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When King Tuff 'Was Dead', the debut album from over-extended musician Kyle Thomas, arrived in 2008, it was the perfect counterpoint to much of what was pervasive in indie rock circles at the time. Recorded in a lo-fi, bedroom manner but by no means obscured with reverb, the guitar-centric glam pop songs lacked the poorly recorded drum machines, joyless goth undertones, or neon reflections of any number of overly chilled-out splinter genres happening in the bedroom-recording scene at the time.

The 13 songs of catchy pop didn't take themselves too seriously but sunk their teeth deep, taking cues from the best moments of everyone from the Only Ones to the New York Dolls to touches of the introverted world of the Wipers' Greg Sage.

Equal parts insular world, block party, and crib notes from the power pop encyclopedia, it'd be worth its weight in eBay gold if it never saw broader release, but deserves to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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