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Psych shaman Brion Gysin’s legendary early ‘80s jazz-funk jams with Don Cherry and Ramuntcho Matta are recompiled, resequenced, and reissued for the first time, stuffed with previously unreleased gear ft. Lizzie Mercier Descloux, Elli Medeiros and more.

Fronted by Brion Gysin - an influence and muse to everyone from William S. Burroughs to Bowie, Laurie Anderson and Genesis P-Orridge - ‘Junk’ derives from the writer and painter’s Paris sessions with Ramuntcho Matta, a producer/composer fresh from a stint in the crucible of late ‘70s NYC’s no wave and avant garde, who brought a unique feel for weird funk back to Europe. ‘Junk’ appeared first as the AA-side to a 7” ‘Kick / Junk’ in 1983, and now lends its title to this compilation, which boots off with the deal discomix of ‘Kick’ starring Don Cherry’s distinctive trumpet over Jean-Pierre Coco’s talking drum and elastic bass of Fil Mong, with Gysin drawling wordless but funky all over the joint.

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