Jummy (2LP)

Gerry ReadSKU: 4TH007LP



SLEEVE: NM-   MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 2012   ORIGIN: UK   EXTRAS: Only pressing

Gerry Read's Jummy LP won't surprise fans; its unique, soulful house music is largely unaltered. But its depth and allure make it stand out, countering the claim that electronic music lacks feeling. Read's drums create a delightful swing throughout, particularly on "Crawl" and "Let's Make it Deeper." Samples are cut, chopped and rearranged for unexpected collages. The LP's structure and human element give it a jazzy vibe, like Midwestern house but with abstract and odd sound palettes. It's paced perfectly, with tracks flowing into each other and holding back to push listeners. Though not made for the club, its cacophonous rhythms and warped soul make it an accomplished and inventive record.

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