Jazz Spectrum (2LP)

VariousSKU: BBELP016



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 1999   ORIGIN: UK   EXTRAS: Only pressing

This indispensable collection of rare grooves from London DJs Keb Darge and Bob Jones is a must-have, with many cuts you won't find anywhere else. Featuring a tight jazzy groove that stands out from BBE's other funk compilations, the compilation includes "Mandingo" by Deacon Witherspoon, "Bossa Blue Port" by Birds Of Paradise, "Night Of The Wolf" by Al Foster Band, "Yolk" by Family Soul, "Ooh Cha La La" by Fabulous Preston Combo, "Opus Three" by Earl Washington, "Cosbyianna" by Fat Albert Orchestra, "Abscretions" by Music Inc and "Billy's Ballet" by Bishop Norman Williams. An unmissable release from BBE!

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