Infernal Overkill

DestructionSKU: HHR546



**Limited cyan blue coloured vinyl includes poster**

Infernal Overkill, the much-loved debut album by German thrash metal legend Destruction, was originally released in 1985. On their first full-length effort, Destruction had refined their style, trading most of the heavy metal influences for even more speed, heaviness and ferocity a logical step in the development of a band that would later become one of Germany's most important extreme metal exports. To record their debut LP, Destruction had travelled to Berlin, the then still divided hotspot of the Cold War. They worked together with Horst Müller at Caet Studio to record this classic-to-be. Infernal Overkill is rightfully counted as one of the most important releases from the early days of teutonic thrash. To this very day, this album still reaps enormous praise for the way it manages to be both catchy and inventive at the same time, especially with regards to the heavy, fast, and aggressive riffing, as Destruction had gotten tighter and more proficient in their craft. Moreover, the album is a true representation of it's time, transporting the tension and aggressiveness of the original mid-80's-vibe.

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