In 1971 Sun Ra and the full Arkestra of the time went to Egypt. Three Saturn LPs were released memorialising this visit: Horizon was the last (it has also been known as Starwatchers and Sun Ra in Egypt Vol.2).

It's a fine recording of a classic band - in great shape here -and comprises a big chunk of the now legendary Balloon Theatre concert (there's more on the companion album Nidhamu). The first three tracks (what was side 1 of the LP) form a continuous uncut block, and feature a lot of Ra's all-hell-let-loose Moog soloing, some (borrowed)Tiger Organ, and a great version of Discipline 2.

Side 2 kicks off with an instrumental version of Enlightment, (restored in its place from the original concert. It was not on the original LP) segueing slowly into Space is the Place - followed by drum orchestra, more solo Moog (bloops, hoovers, whistles, concords taking off, insect hordes.) which leads to a first lurching, then wild, Discipline 8.

There are two bonus tracks, heard for the first time here - also restored from the original concert: We'll Wait for You, with June Tyson and The Satellites are Spinning, culminating in a full-on percussion fest.

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