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**Night Sky Blue coloured vinyl, limited to 300**

Honeybone have released their new album ‘Spheres’. Bringing you a collection of songs written between 2015 and 2019, ‘Spheres’ split the writing equally between drummer Rachel Trainor and guitarist Drew Handcock. Recorded in 2019, the band took a DIY approach, mostly recording at their home studio and Three Phase Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne, with Drew producing and mixing the album. Honeybone is a three-piece Psychedelic/Garage Rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, and hail from the city of Dunedin, in the deep south of New Zealand.

The band is formed of drummer and vocalist Rachel Trainor, bass and backing vocalist Peter Jermakoff, and guitarist/vocalist Drew Handcock. Since their debut EP release in 2010, Honeybone have shared a stage with Beastwars, Wofat, The Datsuns, Dragon, and Luger Boa and released their first full length studio album in 2013.

Submerged in psychedelic shoegaze, ‘Spheres’ is a pool of rich musicianship as Honeybone delve deep into their heavy multi dimensional sound. The band blend Rachel’s and Drew’s vocals to create a diverse and wholly engaging collection of tracks. Edgier rock smattered tunes ‘Bruises’ and ‘Stratosphere’ surge with energy and allow the band to explore their more abrasive side as the swirls on guitars, pummeling drums and expansive blasts of distortion create a swagger-drenched rock soundscape. There are ample shredding guitar moments on the album as the band flesh out their expressive guitar prowess in ‘Sands’ and ‘Metathesiophobia’ with thick bluesy riffs and strut ready confidence. These tracks are ballsy and powerful.

There is no shortage of mighty courses within ‘Spheres.’ Honeybone display their ability to create eargasmic melodies and anthemic choruses with ease; the dreamy progressions and instrumentals within the songs capture the band’s musical vigor as wild solo’s and pounding drums create a hefty wall of sound for the slinky bass to weave between. Each song on ‘Spheres’ carries weight and power as the band tease, entice and lure between fantastic mosh pit worthy instrumental drops.

The band explain:“There’s an undercurrent theme throughout the album of unease with the state of the world, alongside concerns for the environment and relationships”

‘Spheres’ is a well-crafted album and a joy to listen to. The second album to come from Honeybone shows real growth and maturity in their sound and songwriting style. - Indie Buddie

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