Home On The Rage

Nick ShouldersSKU: GHR-003



COLOUR: Blue Swirl   EXTRAS: N/A

Nick Shoulders is the singing, yodeling, whistling, mulleted and mustachioed country music weirdo of our time, and like the rarest of birds, he and his environment should be protected at all costs, and mating partners should be brought unto him to repropagate the species since it would be such a shame if this bloodline should perish from the earth.

Writing all the songs for Home on the Rage aside for the old Jimmie Rodgers tune “Miss The Mississippi and You,” in a couple of instances, Shoulders took classic old-time melodies, and impressed his own lyrics over them. But even his originals works re-awaken the modes of old American music, especially the underlying tones and mood with archaic sounds that feel completely foreign to this era, but hauntingly familiar from somewhere in the back recesses of your musical DNA.

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