Hold Your Horses

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COLOUR: Creamsicle

Karate Boogaloo's 'Hold Your Horses' is a mesmerising new album of original instrumental tunes from Melbourne's foremost cinematic soul band, released by both Colemine Records and College of Knowledge. With a unique sound rooted in DIY soul and inspired by hip-hop sample culture, Karate Boogaloo has been a staple of the Melbourne underground for over a decade.

With their long-standing contributions to the city's soul scene, Karate Boogaloo's latest album, Hold Your Horses, showcases their musical expertise and their trademark blend of playfulness and depth. Drawing on their shared musical language, the four members (friends since their preteen years) have created a cohesive and dynamic album that pays tribute to soul music while remaining unapologetically authentic and unique. Featuring a limited instrumental palette of drums, guitar, bass and organ, 'Hold Your Horses' takes listeners on a journey through moments of tension, whimsical melodies, eerie discordance, and super heavy funk. This album is a testament to Karate Boogaloo's commitment to building upon the legacy of soul music.
The album itself was recorded and mixed by bassist Henry Jenkins, mastermind behind all of the College of Knowledge catalogue. Jenkins' method of songwriting is a simple one: record live, and no overdubs. All songs on 'Hold Your Horses' were thus written collaboratively in the studio- a process only possible with Karate Boogaloo's long understanding of each other as both friends and musicians.

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