A sticker on this record declares it to be “A stew of Australia’s deadliest exports like King Snake Roost, Feedtime and Lubricated Goat combined with the cunning of the Country Teasers, the wonk of The Fall and a Killdozer scrawl”, and our friend at the distributor told us to turn it up super loud ‘cause he thinks it’s great. I’m listening now and thankfully it’s not all hyperbole; this record truly does rock. This lot dish out a scrappy, clanking noise punk gabble which takes in the Birthday Party’s gritty violence and Pissed Jeans’s drunkenly swaying obnoxio-rock swagger. It’s totally reminding me and Phil of a lot of late ‘80s noise punk stuff on Am Rep like Cows and Surgery and the aforementioned Killdozer. The rhythm section clanks and clatters viciously, the guitar tones are trebly and glassy and the vocals slur and holler drunkenly over the top. If you pine for those noise rock bands which were ten a penny in the late ‘80s and much rarer nowadays, this’ll push all the right buttons. It may sound like it’s from another time, but it’s excellent stuff regardless.

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