Kietsuzukeru Echo = 消え続けるエコー



**Limited edition of 300**

Quietly aching ambient pop ephemera riven with a bittersweet sehnsucht. Recorded with no overdubs by a former puppeteer.

 “Kietsuzukeru Echo / 消え続けるエコー (loosely translated to ‘Disappearing Echo’) is Tokyo, Japan stalwart Hisato Higuchi’s second offering for Root Strata - his first being an a cappella track for the Tsuki No Seika 7” series in 2011. After over two decades of releases on P.S.F., Family Vineyard, Apollolaan and a steady string on his own imprint Ghost Disc, Hisato’s latest effort marks a stylistic, yet finely distilled, return to his earliest live sets from the mid 1990’s - documented in the P.S.F. record 初期作品集 Early Works.

Conjuring an incredibly intimate space with only guitar and voice, the home-recorded Kietsuzukeru Echo is illuminated from within. Eight songs of soliloquy and scene, eight songs that disappear.”


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