Terumasa Hino QuintetSKU: SL-5104-N



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM-   YEAR: 1974   ORIGIN: Japan   EXTRAS: Obi & insert

Japanese leading trumpet player Terumasa Hino's "Hi-Nology" is his most commercially successful album and in fact his start to international fame. Released in 1969, it was one of the very first fusion album recorded by country's artists and released in Japan. 

Released on the peak of fusion "revolutionary" popularity, this album was a true success between both yesterday's jazz adepts searching for new sound and part of rock fans,since very jazzy by its nature album's compositions were not so different from tuneful well-structured rock songs (thanks to thunder-like Motohiko Hino drumming Hi-Nology sounds not all that different from some rock albums of the time).


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