Heritage (4LP)

2000 And OneSKU: PURELP006



SLEEVE: VG+  MEDIA: NM  YEAR: 2009   ORIGIN: Netherlands   EXTRAS: 4LP, 45rpm

Blue eyes, light hair, fair skin--anyone who's seen 2000 And One in person might be surprised to find his roots in Surinam. But listen closer and it makes sense. His music pulses with the same African heartland beats heard in North American cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York.

Intricate rhythms reminiscent of tribal bonding rituals, his sound has perpetuated an irresistable funk since 2000. Dat Na Poku--"now there's a fat beat!"-- showcases Dylan's stripped-back style. No mellow listening tracks here; "I just want to rock dancefloors with simple, effective grooves!" So get out there, dj's, and rock that joint!

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