Head Down The Avenue

Colour: Silver
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'Lost and Found' is described by the band as being "written and mostly finalised after a lot of the initial tracking had taken place already - we painfully scrapped two other songs from the record to make room for it. Lyrically, the song is a comfortable embrace of immense feelings of urgency, in effortless fashion."

Centred around themes of obsolescence, isolation and failures, Shock Friendly's debut LP is a tongue in cheek take on the band’s micro-world and deepest desires.

Galvanised by a desire to create a body of work that was more DIY and hands-on than anything they’d worked on before, Shock Friendly embarked on the long and complex journey to self-producing their debut record. After what the band describe as “a few failed first-attempts”, they made a decision to seek daily advice from their long-time mentor and friend Rob Long (Magic Dirt, HTRK). Long was able to guide the band through the process of building, and then recording in, a home studio in Bacchus Marsh, Western Victoria.

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