Why Not? (Coloured Vinyl) (Used)

Half Japanese ‎SKU: FIRELP468



**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM - Limited edition white vinyl**

19th album from these legends of the indie DIY art-rock scene out of Maryland. Jad Fair leads the band into the territory that only they know: that place where inspired eccentricity, pop/noise quirkiness, and insightfully sarcastic surreal lyrical stories all combine to form a meaningful escapist respite from the barrage of commercial music drivel. Reminiscent of artists like Jonathan Richman, Jandek, Beat Happening, Pere Ubu, Daniel Johnston, Bongwater. “Why Not?” is fun, playful garage pop that sometimes sounds juvenile, but is intellectually stimulating and an auditory treat for societal outcasts. Cool.

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