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COLOUR: Light Blue   EXTRAS: Limited Edition

With their sophomore album, Bad//Dreems sound as dusty as ever but with a little more fire in their belly. Johnny Irony is an instant pub classic; hard and fast, with enough lyrics to shout along to when you’re half-cut. Mob Rule has been copping a fair beating on radio but the energy never fades. Blood Love is full of frustration, while title track Gutful will resonate with many – Bad//Dreemsclearly don’t see the need to hide behind ambiguous messages, which is refreshing.

By My Side is a nice change of pace, showing the lads aren’t all about rock and rage. This is a song about love, dirtied up with a grungy guitar and percussion. Similarly, religious ballad Pagan Rage starts like a Paul Kelly track and 1000 Miles Away is pop-driven in structure. The boys get back to their head-bangin’ best with Feeling Remains and Nice Guy. Make You Love Me is more traditional rock than punk but still good, while A Million Times Alonesurprisingly utilises saxophone to tell a rather sad tale. Overall this is a uniquely bold album from a uniquely bold Aussie band.

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