Grundstück (Used)



**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM**

With Grundstuck, a real rarity is being released: Originally issued in 2005 as a small, limited edition, strictly intended only for registered band supporters, the much sought-after album is now officially available as a CD and also for the first time ever as an LP, each including a DVD with previously unpublished film recordings of the project and an extensive booklet.

In 2002, to make itself independent of the record industry and to keep full artistic control, the band brought to life an internet-based fan action for the financing of their next album and advanced quite incidentally into early pioneers of crowdfunding. Various albums went through a total of three creative phases that allowed them to be recorded, produced and sold completely solo, as a result of what came to be known as the supporter project. Grundstuck (2005) from Phase II is one of these albums that now, after more than 13 years, is finally available for sale as an official version. Grundstuck is the missing link between Perpetuum Mobile released in 2004 and Alles Wieder Offen, which came out three years later.

It's an interim work consciously conserved in its unfinished condition, where an ongoing development process between two albums was recorded on a separate medium.

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