Future Eaters

ExhaustionSKU: AARGHT024



**Repress on white vinyl, with white type on black jackets, limited to 250**

Essentially a project for Duncan Blachford (Snawklor, Actual Holes), who has employed bassist Jensen Tjhung (Deaf Wish, Lower Plenty) and drummer Per Bystrom (Ooga Boogas, Leather Towel), the songs are wonderful in their bleak and weirdo wackness. Whereas Blachford's other musical paths have tended to lean more to the experimental, almost abstract, free form, Exhaustion pays more mind to the rock song. Just. Recorded by Tjhung as he drifted in and out of his self-confessed “hate prism,” the tracks on Future Eaters are gloomy, self-loathing affairs with titles such as ‘No Place for a Holiday’ and ‘Your Memory Don’t Want You’. Broken. Shit that people dump late at night outside St Vinnies. The beginning of ‘Old Mickey’ has Blachford sounding like Lux Interior on 10mg of Nitrazepam before things turn up with Bystrom’s drums breaking out. Not exactly like a sprinter from a peloton, but adding some drama nonetheless. ‘Keep the Change’, the band’s strongest point both on album and in the live setting, is positively bouncy compared to some of the more dour tracks, but even then the term ‘bouncy’ is like how you would describe a bad cheque seem a little more positive or bright.

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