Full Recovery b/w Cold Vein (7")

The Pro-TeensSKU: COK003



The Pro-Teens are Melbourne’s most mysterious soul band. Between 2017 and 2018, the group recorded and released three crusty, left-field instrumental soul LPs: Tumultuous Times, Tactile Living and Thanks Team. The albums were self-produced, each put down to tape in DIY studios in Fitzroy over the space of one weekend per album, resulting in a charmingly rough sonic aesthetic. The LPs were pressed in small quantities on the group’s own Many Naps imprint and distributed to a small handful of local stores, where they were snapped up by the city’s funk & soul diggers for their crusty drum breaks and wonky grit.

Whilst the musicians that played on the three Pro-Teens records individually perform in some of Melbourne’s most popular and recognised groups (The Cactus Channel, Mildlife, The Seven Ups, The Teskey Brothers), each player was designated a pseudonym in the albums’ credits. This, along with the group having never played a live gig, gave the entire project almost complete anonymity.

On this release, Melbourne soul label College Of Knowledge Records compiles two of the Pro-Teens wonkiest and most brilliant tunes: Cold Vein (from Thanks Team) and Full Recovery (from Tumultuous Times).

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