Waiting For Brenda - Friendly Disposition



Waiting for Brenda features Brenda Lee Kelly on lead vocals & acoustic guitar, Garry “Gman” Bain on twangy electric guitar, Pete “he’s got a Fender” Cheney on bass, Johnno (he’s not evil) Harrison on dobro and lap-steel guitar, Luke Mysliwy on fiddle & Craig (Billy) Tobin on the skins who all bring a bucket of talent, joy, swagger and stomp to Brenda’s songs.

Friendly Disposition is an album that slowly unfurls before you, with light and shade to engage the listener. There’s something here for everyone, but the overall effect is like meeting an old friend after a long long time apart. Waiting For Brenda have delivered a warm collection of songs that feel nostalgic yet fresh and will reward repeated listenings. There’s celebrations, ruminations on life and love, faces, places, and most importantly, good times to enjoy.

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